Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coconut Crusted Bananas--Saturday's Party 11-20-10


Thank you all for linking up last week!  Such great entries! Here's a taste of what was shared real quick, before I give you this perfect banana recipe.

Roasted Red Pepper Dip over at Cookin' With Cat.  What a perfect way to start your Thanksgiving off!  And keep everyone out of that turkey. 

And how about these little turtle doves?  K-girl would get such a kick out of making these with me.  And they'd make a wonderful addition to any candy plates you're making for the holidays.  Check them out at Chestnut Tree Lane.

Easy To Be Gluten Free shared a wonderful recipe for flourless pumpkin rolls.  A perfect treat to lay out for a party buffet. 

Now here's the Coconut Crusted Bananas.  These would be great for a nice intimate dinner with a few friends, since they do take a little time, and they're best eaten warm.

But boy, they are GOOD.

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  • 2-3 bananas
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup water
  • a sprinkle or 2 cinnamon
  • coconut (about 1/2 a bag)
  • oil for frying--about 1/4 inch in the pan
Peel the bananas and slice into thirds.  Take each third and slice it in 1/2 length-wise.  While the oil is heating in the pan, mix together the water, flour, and cinnamon in a shallow dish.  Place the coconut in another dish.  When the oil is heated through, dredge the bananas in the flour mixture, then roll in the coconut.  Fry for a few minutes on each side, until the coconut is browned.  Serve warm with a brown sugar glaze (I made this by melting together some butter and brown sugar, and a splash of vanilla).

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  1. Great stuff last week--looking forward to more this week!

    Thanks for hosting, Krystal.

  2. What lovely recipes everyone has here. And those coconut crusted bananas look to die for!

  3. Thank you for featuring my pumpkin roll! Your bananas sound incredible. Love bananas and love coconut! Thanks for hosting again. I am linking up with a Cranberry Pecan Rice Pudding.

  4. Woo hoo! I was featured! Thanks!

    also.... coconut and bananas? Ummm... yes please! mmmmm.

  5. These look like a great dessert. I bet it would be wonderful with a scoop of ice cream.

  6. That all looks amazing. I gained 5 pounds looking at it~!

  7. Just made this banana and coconut dessert for a last minute dessert, YUMMY!


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