Saturday, January 24, 2009

An award?

Rebecca is the sweetest girl, and she gave me an award like a month ago, but with all the things going on, I haven't had time to post about it, or even thank her!

So thank you Rebecca, for thinking of me and reading my blog. It's nice to know someone out there does! :)

The rules for getting this award are as follows:

1. Link to the person who gave you the award
2. Nominate 7 more people
3. Link the nominees and tell them about the award
4. Post the award on your blog

and um, I don't even think I have 7 people in my blog roll. And most of those people have already gotten the award, so I'm just giving it to ONE person. That makes this award more special I think. Then it doesn't turn into some mass "everyone has that award" award. Shhh, don't tell that I'm breaking the rules!!

I'm giving it to Mary, over at My New 30. I love to read her blog, and I love how kind she is! If you want good southern food. . .GO TO HER PAGE!!! You won't regret it. :)


  1. I will definitely have to check her blog out. Dal loves his southern food from when he was in Alabama. I love to see the recipes you share, so keep it up! (I know you've been sick, that's just me saying, don't quit...I need blogs to read for sanity!)

  2. Krystal, I am humbled by your sweet comments and your thought to pass an award on to me! Thank you so much. I didn't know you had been sick, but I was wondering where you had been - hope that you're feeling better. {{{HUGS}}}


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