Monday, March 30, 2009

Look what I learned!

As you know, I've been searching for dairy-free recipes, and cooking with soy milk instead of regular milk, as well as using soy powder instead of milk powder in my mix recipes. Our munchkin is getting tested in a few weeks at her 15 months appointment (!!!15 months already!!!) to see how strong the dairy allergy is. We 'self-test' every few weeks, just by rubbing a little bit of milk on her arm to see if the hives come. (this is probably NOT endorsed by ANY doctor, ANYWHERE, but we do it anyway) On saturday when I 'tested' her arm there were no hives!! Here's hoping she's grown out of it, but we're not pushing out limits yet. Still living dairy-free.

We're also trying to eat less processed foods, and more fresh. Even with the convenience foods. I made tortillas the other day, I'll post the recipe soon. This helps us live healthier, as well as not having to worry as much about dairy 'sneaking' its way into our meals.

Anyway, check out this site: and their post today was about using bean flour to make cream'o'chicken soup. Go check it out, they have a video tutorial showing how they made it.

Here's the recipe for you (which I haven't tried because I have no wheat grinder. Soon. . .soon. . .)

Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup Recipe:

Grind: 4 T of any white bean (lima, navy, etc.) to make 5 T bean flour
• Combine: 5 T bean flour, 1 ¾ c. water , 4 t chicken bouillon into a saucepan
• Cook: On stovetop at medium temperature until thick and delicious (whisk frequently).The soup should cook in 3 minutes! (this may be longer if your grinder makes a very coarse flour).

Use this with cooked veggies and or meat for a complete meal. You can also add this to recipes calling for cream of chicken soup cans (I have found this replaces a can plus the water or milk in recipes).

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  1. Very interesting. I'll be checking out their video to see how it looks! And I love your medical disclaimer, it made me giggle out loud!


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