Monday, March 16, 2009

No Monday Mix-up

I had plans for a monday mix up, I promise I really did. Instead, I spent a good chunk of my weekend taking care of my dog, who got attacked by another dog while we were walking. It was completely out of the blue, and unprovoked. The dog was three times her size!

But she got all stitched up, and is doing much better. Although, I still have to keep a close eye on here, not let her lick her stitches, or bark, or try to play. . . .it's hard to keep an energetic terrier calm!!
There's her lovely battle wounds. It'll make a nice scar in a few months. . . .

anyway, so I'm taking a bit of a hiatus the next few days to take care of my puppy dog. but I'll be back soon! (I hope!)


  1. I was looking forward to Monday Mix Up...but awwww, I hope puppy gets better soon. It's happened to our cat our own garage!!!

  2. Oh dear lord! Poor baby looks traumatized too. I can't imagine even how horrible that must've been for you. I hope you know the owners of the other dog - it could have attacked you!! Take care of your baby and let us know how she's doing.


  3. Poor baby.
    It's so irritating that people don't control their animals better.

  4. Ouch! Hope she gets better soon!

  5. i'm really sorry to hear about your dog. i hope that she is feeling better!! one of my friend's dog was recently killed by 2 other upsetting.

  6. Wow... why can't people behave more responsibly?!.. leashes, proper training, etc... I'm so sorry to see this. I do hope your puppy is healing soon, while I hope the owners of that other dog are making amends in whatever way they can!

  7. Poor puppy! Hope she's better now :)


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