Friday, April 24, 2009


Hey all! I'm taking a hiatus for a few weeks, because Captain Jax and I are moving across the country!!

He's transferring to another store, and we're moving to GEORGIA!! I've always wanted to be a southern belle. :) so I'll be a little busy trying to pack up this house, buy another house out there (without seeing it, freaks me out a little bit) and drive across the country! Yikes!!

Utah to Georgia, with a 15 month old girl, and a 4 year old dog. . .this will definitely be an adventure!! That's one L-O-N-G drive. . . .

I have a few posts I'll try to get finished up and have posted automatically while I'm gone. . .but we'll see if I get around to it. . .I've got lots to do!! :)

Miss you all, and "see" you as soon as I can!


  1. Oh I will miss you but how cool. Where in Georgia are you moving to?? be safe and I wish you a happy trip.

  2. Ack!!! What is with everyone leaving? What an exciting adventure you're going to be going on, it sounds like! And no more dry Utah air!

  3. Wow, sounds exciting. Georgia is full of wonderful kind people who love good home cooking!!! My family is from there. You'll be getting there just in time for peach season. Good luck to ya.

  4. WooWeeee that is a long drive. I'm thrilled to have ya join the ranks of Southern Belle my friend! Have a safe trip and be sure to post a blurb soon as ya can to let us know you made it okay!


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