Monday, July 5, 2010

Winner winner, Costco dinner!

Thanks for being patient with me, in that it took me a day to get the winner picked. Things have been. . .crazy. . .to say the least.

Before I post that though, I just want to say that you all love fruit a LOT!! That is one of the best things about summer though, right? Fresh fruit. I also love fresh fruit.

This is what Steve likes:

"My favorite summer time treat is fresh peaches (preferably off the tree, but that doesn't happen until August. Also peeling them make the consistency a little better but I'm sure someone will tell you that you are losing all the valuable nutrients by peeling them), cut up in milk, with... (I know you are excited, and confused, "How could that get any better?" you say)

Sprinkle on a little (or a lot) of sweet beautiful sugar. How could you go wrong with that?"

You can't go wrong with that Steve, you just can't!

Heather said, "Summer treat: popsicles...the recipe is super easy...put kool-aid in popsicle tray, freeze, enjoy. My puppy really likes eating them also. Great way for anyone (dogs included) to cool off in the summer! :)"

And after submitting the numbers 1-42 into, it spat out the number. . ..

#14 ANDREA! She said, "Cool watermelon and Cherry Coke. :o)"

That sounds really, REALLY good right now. . . .

Congrats Andrea, send me an email with your address within 7 days and that package will be mailed out shortly! krystalrecipes (at) gmail (dot) com Enjoy Costco!

Thanks for playing everyone!


  1. I was going to comment on your layout just like Jenni...looks great!


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