Thursday, October 2, 2008

One of my Favorites---Fajitas


I realize I eat my fajitas different than a lot of people. But that's ok! it's the way I like them, and if you haven't tried them with sour cream and cheese. . .please do, you'll like it! And I wish I were good enough to make my own fajita seasoning, but mine is pre-packaged. and I'm ok with that! My friend Asmond as an awesome super-secret fajita recipe. He made it for his birthday, and it was delish. He also put in zucchini, and I think perhaps some squash. I never would have thought of that. . .maybe next time. It was also a teeny bit sweet, which I loved!

But I digress. . .let's get cooking!

Here's what we have. Our onion, pepper, chicke, sour cream, cheese, and tortillas. And let's not forget our package of fajita seasoning!

You can either dice or thinly slice your onion. I hate cutting onions. Even when they're cold, and not as bad, I still try to cut them as fat as possible and get them in the pan. I hate the stinging in my eyes.

Cut your pepper as well. I like to dice my veggies into chunks. It makes the fajitas easier to eat I think. Then you're not pulling out long strands of the veggies, which I ALWAYS did. This way, I have no problem.

Dice up you chicken too. When everything's diced, and all uniform sizes, it makes for easy eating, and easy dishing up.

Saute you veggies with some oil, get them browned and set them aside and start cooking your chicken. The veggies can cook while your cutting up your chicken, then it cuts down on the 'sitting-around-waiting-for-the-food-to-cook-before-you-can-do-anything-else' step.

Mmm, I love chicken cooking. Make sure there's some oil in the pan for these guys too. I love that the chicken picks up the leftove brown bits left from the onions and peppers. Yummy!

This is my package of fajita seasoning, mixed with a little bit of water (whatever the package you choose to use tells you to!) It actually looks kinda gross, but it smells great! Once your chicken is done cooking, or really close, add the sauce to it and let it start thickening up.

After a few minutes, add your veggies so they can get all saucy as well. Your kitchen probably smells really good right now. Unless it was my kitchen as this time, because my dog chose to get sick all over the floors at the same time. Don't worry, no pictures of that! Anyway. . .moving on. . .

Look at that. . . this is what I love about fajitas. You just KNOW you're going to make a mess.

I like to assembly line my fajita process. Tortillas, fajita mix, cheese, then sour cream. I go first, because Captain Jax likes to pick out the peppers and onions. he HATES onions. This way I at least get some chicken in my first fajita. All bets are off on the second!

And here it is. Fajitas. Enjoy!

  • 2 tbls oil
  • 1 onion
  • 1 pepper
  • 1-2 chicken breasts, depending on if your hubby picks out all the chicken
  • tortillas
  • sour cream
  • grated cheddar cheese
  • package of fajita seasoning mix
  • 1/4 cup water

Dice up you onion and pepper. Heat 1 Tbsp oil in a skillet, and saute the veggies. While they're sauteing, dice up your chicken. Remove the veggies into another bowl, add 1 Tbsp of oil to the pan and then cook your chicken. Mix your Fajita seasoning mix with 1/4 cup water (or whatever the package you chose tells you to). Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for a few minutes. Add you veggies back to the pan and heat everything up. Serve on tortillas with grated cheddar cheese and sour cream.

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