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Saturday's Party

Welcome to the first week of Saturday's Party!! I hope you're ready to have a BLAST! Want to come party? All you need to do is pick something from your blog that's party related, be it a drink recipe, and food recipe, an invitation idea, a theme, a decoration, etc.

Copy the URL of that specific post (not your blog's homepage) and enter it into the linky below. Now let's party!!

What are you bring to Saturday's Party? Here's what I'm bringing:


A tasty recipe, that has lots of variations. You could fill the cups with a chicken salad, or a ceaser salad. You can add different seasonings to the cheese before you bake it to give it different flavorings. Mmmm, I think an artichoke spinach dip mixture would be wonderful!

Once the cheese crisps are baked and formed, these come together quite quickly, which I love!

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fresh grated parmesan cheese (NOT from the green can!)
crumbled bacon
finely chopped lettuce
finely chopped tomato
cream cheese

On a silcone baking sheet, place one Tbsp of parmesan cheese and flatten into a disk shape. Continue with the cheese, leaving about 2 inches between the piles. Bake at 350degs for just a few minutes. About 4 minutes should do it. While they're still hot form the oven, use an inverted spatula and place each crisp over a shot glass. You might need to put another shot glass on top of it to help it mold. If you have no shot glasses, try a mini muffin pan.

While those harden, mix together the bacon, lettuce, tomato, and some cream cheese. Spoon into the cups and serve. The cups can be made ahead of time and refrigerated up to a week.

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