Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday's Party--Cake Balls


Thanks to everyone for linking to last week's party!  Sorry this post is up so late. I'm still recovering from hosting a Bridal Shower for my dear sister today.

Here's a taste of what was shared last week:

Natalie over at The Sweets Life shared this recipe for Basil Parmesan Crackers.  Wow, I have never made homemade crackers before, but she just inspired me. 
Thanks for linking up Natalie!

I know that cake balls have been a little over done, at least in my opinion.  Shoot, Bakerella just published a book dedicated to cake balls! And even though they're still everywhere, I want that book.

My skills are basic, but they're just as tasty even though they aren't gorgeous!  My method is simple as well.  I have two kids that require a LOT of attention--especially Baby M and all his medical equipment.  It's easy to do.  Cake, frosting, and dipping chocolate.  You pick the flavors to create your own taste.  These ones are chocolate cake and frosting, with a splash of mint extract to give it some of that mint-chocolate flavor.  I'm toying with a german chocolate cake ball, with that gooey coconut frosting somehow mixed into the chocolate coating.  Mmmmm, it sounds so good!

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Bake the cake according to the directions.  Let it sit overnight, just covered with a dish cloth.  The next day, break the cake up into pieces, and then destroy it.  You want a bowl full of cake crumbs.  Mix in the can of frosting, until the cake is like a dough, and holds together.  Using a cookie scoop (or some spoons) make balls and place on a tray.  Freeze.  When the balls are frozen, melt your chocolates and roll the cake balls until they're completely covered in the chocolate.  Freeze again.  Transfer to a container, and eat at your pleasure! They're good at room temperature, or even frozen. 

Some varieties: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, strawberry cake with white frosting, add different extracts for different flavorings: mint, almond, fruit etc.

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  1. Those cake balls look soooooo good! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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    Keep up the GREAT work! Everything looks soooo delicious :)

  2. They look so delicious! Love anything chocolate! thanks for stopping by my blog...



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