Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stuffed Zucchini

I have been so inconsistent in my blogging lately, and I apologize to you, my readers.  All three of you. ;)  Regardless of my blogging attendance, which has been poor, I hope you'll give this recipe a try.  Fall is ALMOST here.  The mornings are cool, I've started putting a jacket on when I wake up!  I don't turn my little window a/c on until the afternoon, so I've felt brave enough to start using my oven a bit more.  

If you happen to have any small zucchini left in your garden, these recipe is perfect for it! It's creamy, with fresh flavors from the garden.  I ate the whole zucchini myself.  Well, not in one sitting, but still.  It was good. I loved the combo of the flavors.  

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Adapted from: Kayotic Kitchen
(serves 2)
  • 1 medium zucchini
  • 1 Tbsp sour cream
  • 1 small to medium tomato (a roma works because since they're not so juicy)
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheese
  • 2 slices cooked, and crumbled bacon
  • salt and pepper
Preheat your oven to 400degs.  Cut the zucchini in half, length-wise, creating boats.  Using a spoon, scoop out the flesh from the inside.  Leave enough attached to the skin--about 1/2-1/4" all around.  This gives you that perfect boat shape.  Save the innards and chop them up into small bits.  Chop up your tomato too.  Combine the zucchini flesh, tomato, sour cream, most of the cheese (save some for topping), and bacon in a small bowl.  Season with salt and pepper.  Place the boats in a greased baking dish, and fill 'em up with the filling.  Go ahead and mound it up.  As they cook, they'll be ok.  Or they'll leak out everywhere.  You just never know.  Sprinkle with remaining cheese.  Bake for about 20 minutes, and then turn the broiler on for just a minute to brown the top.  Make sure you watch it!



  1. This sounds delicious. I was just today wondering about something different to do with some zucchini

  2. Oh gosh this sounds good, Krystal!

  3. As a valued, loyal reader I am happy to see another recipe for you, now if I would only remember to get some bacon next time I am at the store. :)


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